The Harshman Family

Facts about the Harshman Family


Four brothers with surname Hirschmann immigrated to the United States of America as indentured servants in the 1700's.

The concept of a "right" or "wrong" spelling was not generally accepted until the mid-1800's when Noah Webster wrote his dictionary. Therefore, we should not be surprised that the original spelling changed to Harshman, Hershman, Hashman, and others.

The Harshman family name is very common in Sullivan, Illinois.

Distant relatives Clarence Cory Harshman and Mavourneen Harshman first met in a graveyard doing research into their family backgrounds. They married. Mavourneen took her husband's surname instead of keeping her maiden name, becoming Mavourneen Harshman Harshman.

A family crest exists. We hope to post it here soon.

Edward Harshman